Able&Baker sign Thibaut Grevet 1

Able&Baker sign Thibaut Grevet

Able&Baker sign Thibaut Grevet

Able&Baker are excited to announce the addition of young French director Thibaut Grevet to their roster.

Since his early days as an official BMX and Surf filmmaker for Vans Thibaut has been directing films defined by a raw aesthetic punch and honest approach. His mini docs for RedBull’s series ‘Perspective’, which pulled back the curtain on legendary BMX influencers, provided an exciting glimpse at this style early on. 

Bold, graphic compositions often shot within unreconstructed environments continue to mark out Thibaut’s films. ‘Until Tomorrow’, his cinematic extreme sports road trip for Sosh (below) and his Red Bull documentary with trials rider Danny Macaskill in Epecuen, Argentina’s flooded ghost town, are strong examples.

Thibaut’s reel has expanded to include commercials, content, fashion films and longer documentaries, each broadening his image as an insightful and dynamic filmmaker who beautifully presents the heart of his subjects.You can view his work on the Able&baker website here

We're delighted to see Able&Baker welcome him to the family and are as excited as everyone about developing his potential for the future.