Expedia 'Travel Yourself Interesting' 3

Travel Yourself Interesting

Travel Yourself Interesting

A director whose back catalogue saw him 'Take the Stage' with Adidas and Harvey Nichols, shoot festivals with The Prodigy and cover intimate musical performances for John C. Reily, Jack Driscoll's range certainly reaches high and wide.

His latest effort saw him travel high and wide to put Expedia on the map as a travel agent capable of supplying something more bespoke and adventurous than the standard package holiday. The campaign titled 'Travel Yourself Interesting' is the result of two months of travel across three continents.

This adventure was spent with locals in an effort to uncover the wonders these countries derive their magic from. Remote paragliding locations in Cape Town, hidden sushi bars in Tokyo and favela football pitches high above the city in Rio have all contributed to a beautiful exhibition of life across cultures, leaving audiences (at least this one) longing for the sense of discovery it radiates. 

Vibrant, raw and above all, interesting. #TYI