Park Village sign Martin Wonnacott 1

Welcome Martin Wonnacott

We are very proud to present Martin Wonnacott as the latest addition to Park Village's commercial and content roster!

Martin 'the master of liquids' Wonnacott is the specialist in photographing still life and beverages having shot virtually every kind of liquid refreshment for sale in the world. This impressive history in the industry has earned him a glowing reputation in London, where he started his own studio at 23, and throughout the states where he has been making waves (then photographing them) since 1999.

After successfully running Cake Factory, his own photography agency and home to a refined group of likeminded specialists, since early in the new millenium, Wonnacott has recently ventured into moving image. The director's ability to capture liquids at their most magnificent is seen in work for Svedka, Stella and Smirnoff which each mark impressive early strides into the next chapter of his development as a commercial filmmaker. 

We welcome Martin's unparalleled attention to detail with open arms and look forward to what's in store.