YouTube 'The Slow Mo Guys' 1

YouTube 'The Slow Mo Guys'

YouTube 'The Slow Mo Guys'

Jack Driscoll vs YouTube's The Slow Mo Guys vs adam&eveDDB sounds as explosive as it looks. 

The new campaign for YouTube sees Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy a.k.a The Slow Mo Guys take center stage in a series of films directed by Jack that fully utilise the power of Love High Speed's Phantom cameras. From melons to whole buildings Jack joins the pair in decimating objects with military like precision for what was a incredibly technical shoot. 

Discussing these challenges Jack says, "When you couple high-speed shooting with fast camera movements you have to be very precise, there’s no margin for error. It’s painstaking because the human eye can’t see in super slow-mo, so there’s a lot of testing for framing and lighting, plus there’s the further challenge of triggering the motion control rig at exactly the same time as the explosion.” 

As well as the 30" TVC, YouTube's campaign will span print and billboards in an effort to raise the profile of the stars among older audiences.