Freshteh Joins Park Village for UK Representation

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Park Village announces a new addition to its growing roster: Freshteh. Freshteh joins the London-based production company for UK representation. 

Born in Iran and raised in Sweden, Freshteh has directed commercials and creative content for brands such as & Other Stories, Reschia, O’Neill, Plan International and Ellos. After completing her MA in Film at Sydney College of Arts, Freshteh expanded her creative repertoire as a Producer at MTV as a Choreographer and as a Casting Director for features, series, and commercials. Equipped with over a decade of experience in the industry, Freshteh’s films demonstrate a keen eye for capturing human emotions and an incisive docu-poetic style. A filmmaker of contrasts, she excels at enriching the simplest of topics with her unique blend of mystique and rebellious playfulness. 

As well as being an accomplished filmmaker, Freshteh is a dedicated surfer who globetrots the world exploring the edges of human differences and cultures. In her long form documentary feature debut, she uses surfing as a symbol and tool for women’s liberation as she returns to Iran for the first time in 30 years. A sharp insider and influencer in the Stockholm music scene, Freshteh is a talented and active DJ who is committed to bringing an eclectic mix of music from all over the world to Stockholm.

Ethically driven and a champion of equality for women, Freshteh draws inspiration from her own life and from wider society. She combines the medium of film with other artistic practices including art, poetry and politics. On her recent film ‘To Get Her’, in collaboration with Reschia, Freshteh directed a cinematically captivating message of sisterhood and togetherness. The film was inspired by the line “We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for” from June Jordan’s “Poem for South African Women” as well as #MeToo and the Women’s March.

On signing with Park Village, Freshteh says: “I felt an instant connection with the team at Park Village. It seems like the perfect partnership for me to break new grounds and grow with. Their sharp approach towards my vision as a director stuck out in the midst of all other production companies I was talking to in the UK. And of course, their cleverly curated roster which I’m proud to join. Not to mention their “We don’t work with assholes” approach which to me feels very right!” 

Looking to the future with Park Village, Freshteh adds: “I’m eager to see what future collaborations are in store. I’m hoping to be an advocate for honesty and emotion through my films, working with brands who set out to break creative grounds, as well as bearing a social responsibility. It’s inspiring when commercials have the chance to create a new kind of impact.”

View Freshteh's work here

Rosaleigh Harvey-Otway