Park Village Captures England's 'World Cup Pain' in New Suspenseful Spot

World cup pain.png

Keen to get into the spirit of the World Cup, Park Village Productions have created a wonderful short film 'World Cup Pain' encapsulating the rollercoaster ride that the England football squad regularly put fans through in living rooms across the nation.
With reference to the painful absence of the trophy since 1966, this new comedy spot, from award-winning director Tom Carty, delivers a wonderfully tense and desperate cameo of a ninety minute journey of an obsessive England fan.

From his pre-match apprehensive tension and goal-scoring euphoria, back through to final despair as he realises (once again) that his hopes are merely a dream. 

Using their own central London studios, lighting and camera equipment, the spot was filmed over one day at Park Village Studios, with editing and sound finishing generously provided by The Quarry and Wave Studios. 

Given the current trends for extra time and penalties, we're wondering how far this portrayal will be from the truth later today.