Freshteh delivers latest music video for new single ‘Hearts Will Bleed’ performed by Swedish artist Janice

Park Village represented director Freshteh, has unveiled her latest music video for Swedish pop sensation Janice and her new single ‘Hearts Will Bleed’

Freshteh was Janice’s go-to director following their successful creative collaboration last year, when Freshteh directed Janice’s short film ‘Ode to Andrew’; a cinematic interpretation of the song ‘Answer’ that Janice wrote for her Dad. The film was released in conjunction with Janice becoming ambassador for the organisation Suicide Zero.

So, with the artists full creative trust, Freshteh was given free creative rein to deliver a cool performance video showcasing Janice.

Shot in just 2.5 days, the super stylish music video for ‘Hearts Will Bleed’ features a synchronized dance routine created by renowned choreographer Matilda Fleberg for 15 dancers which embodies friendship and love with Janice at the centre.

Park Village Director Freshteh comments, “It´s a playful conceptualization of the fearless backbone I feel this song and its lyric has. I´m so inspired by Janice, she´s such a powerhouse of talent & determination, so I wanted to create stylized settings, almost still life scenes and subtle choreography reflecting Janice owning the freedom of her expression”.

Artiste Janice adds, “I wanted a video that was different from what I’d done before. Colourful and outside of my comfort zone".

I’ve never been this proud about a video before! We’ve really put our hearts into this project. Directed by the eminent Freshteh Piltan, it’s an absolute blessing working with her again”.

‘Hearts Will Bleed’ is the first single from the EP ‘I Know A Thing About Love’ which is released August 30th.

To view Freshteh’s Reel:


Director & Editor: Freshteh

Producer: Simon Hernadi

Production Company: B-Reel Sweden

Record Label: Pias

DoP: Viktor Kumlin

Colourist: Oskar Larsson

VFX Artist: Olle Petersson

Post online: Oskar Larsson, Robeson Jackson, Tint Post

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